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Free ZCASH FaucetZEC

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Claim Free Zcash

Zecfaucet.net provides one of the easiest ways to get Zcash (ZEC) cryptocurrency for free. You may claim from this faucet up to 12 times per day, as long as you wait 10 minutes between claims. Please do not cheat by using vpn, bots or similar.

Referral program

Your referral link is: https://zecfaucet.net/?r=xxx (replace xxx with your ZEC address).

Commission rate: 10%-50% (details)

Last payments

t1K...U0.00000435 ZEC1m agoclaim
t1d...U0.00000044 ZEC1m agoref. com.
t1d...c0.00000435 ZEC1m agoclaim
t1S...q0.00000435 ZEC1m agoclaim
t1Q...C0.00000435 ZEC2m agoclaim
ker...m0.00000435 ZEC2m agoclaim
112...Z0.00000109 ZEC4m agoref. com.
1Ci...c0.00000435 ZEC4m agoclaim
t1X...j0.00000044 ZEC4m agoref. com.
t1e...f0.00000435 ZEC4m agoclaim
lis...m0.00000435 ZEC5m agoclaim
t1a...70.00000435 ZEC6m agoclaim
t1c...N0.00000044 ZEC7m agoref. com.
t1X...r0.00000435 ZEC7m agoclaim

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Faucet Monitor - All FP Faucets Faucet List - Instant Faucets Only 1024 - Advertise your Bussiness